Two Dave MacNeils?

Ric Werme
Sun Jan 14 21:56:45 EST 2007

> ... WCRB arch-enemy and tormenter, Laurence Glavin, apparently doesn't
> count single symphony movements as any kind of play of the work because
> he has said repeatedly that WCRB NEVER plays Beethoven's Ninth.

Isn't there some special exception for classical stations to have the legal
ID not as close to the hour?  CDs were designed to fit Beethoven's 9th on
a single CD, about 74 minutes.  Perhaps the best way to handle it is have
a movement end at the top of the hour and use a special whispered ID, maybe
with a little paper rustling and coughing for that live effect.  :-)

When WCRB had listener's vote for the "Top 40", the 9th always won, and did
get played in entirety.

>  I've heard the Finale twice in less than a week, but never any of the first three movements. Laurence is likely the kind of purist who says that playing one movement of a symphony is worse than not playing any of it.

I can appreciate that, but if symphonies must be fully played, then so
should Ma Vlast, which contains The Moldau (a key top-40 piece), as should
ballets, choral works, etc.

> One thing that they were doing that bugged me but that they now seem to have stopped, is referring to the station on the air as Boston's classical music STATION--99.5 WCRB. Geez; if they hadn't told  me, I never would have guessed that it was a station. (Of course, that COULD be because I'm a radio geek.) In the last day or so, though, I've heard "on Boston's Classical 99.5, WCRB" a few times. Let's hope they've firgured out that the audience has figured out that WCRB is a station ;>(

Now, now, chill out and relax with Boston's classical music station on
FM channel 258.  :-)

	-Ric Werme

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