Two Dave MacNeils?

Ric Werme
Sun Jan 14 14:23:10 EST 2007

Joe Ross wrote:

>On 13 Jan 2007 at 7:41, Dan Strassberg wrote:
>> I have not been able to distinguish when, if ever, WCRB's music intros
>> are not voicetracked, but I suspect that, at a minimum, Carlo's shift
>> is not fully voicetracked on weekdays (At least, I think she is live
>> for part (maybe all) of her weekday shift; she makes too many mentions
>> of the current weather.)

It was ages ago (decades!) so this isn't relevant, just a good anecdote, and
long enough ago I'm not confident all the details are right.  Laura
Carlo and Mary Ann Nichols were the WCRB "Morning Team" and one morning
Nichols played what she thought was a PSA from the Council on Aging.
Instead, it was an announcement by someone (very possibly Dave MacNeil)
reporting that both women shared a birthday and that today was their
birthday.  To their credit, they let it play to the final "Surprise!"
and after a commercial explained how they'd been hacked and had no
suspicion of the trick.

>I don't know, but I've noticed that since the switch, WCRB has seemed 
>to think they're competing with Bob Bittner's WJIB.  They use liners 
>like "where Boston comes to relax" and note that they always tell the 
>names of the music they play.

I don't know what WJIB says, but WCRB says something like "where we always
name the music after each long set."  Where "long set" apparently often
is a single work (or fragment).  I get the feeling there's a pop music
director who's been assigned to WCRB to make it more current (well, the
styles, not the music!) and thinks that any stretch of music greater than 5
minutes is long.

	-Ric Werme

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