Herald, Ch. 25 report WRKO Finneran deal

Chuck Igo chuckigo@maine.rr.com
Sat Jan 13 23:17:33 EST 2007

in regards to my thoughts on putting non-radio professionals in key on-air 
shifts, such as morning drive, Dan B offered:
>>WRKO is just falling the lead of WGAN in that regard.  ;-)  <<

so Mike Violette's 25+ years of broadcast experience don't meet that 
criteria?  i'll remind him of your views on this next time you and/or your 
organization(s) have an agenda you wish to expound upon by way of the WGAN 
morning show.

WGAN has managed to at least incorporate one broadcast pro with a 
non-traditional co-host in the mornings.  the exception being when Ken was 
brought on to co-host with Mike McArdle - between them they had about 2 
years experience.  however - Mike McArdle, extended an invitation to 
audition for co-host due to his very eloquent positions put forth as a 
regular caller, was an absolute exception in that he caught on to broadcast 
thinking very quickly and was more than qualified to lead the very green Ken 
through the steps.

my only regret at this point in my career is that i have not been convicted 
of a felony, and am more than likely now disqualified from future major 
market gigs.

- -Chuck Igo 

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