Herald, Ch. 25 report WRKO Finneran deal

Michael E m1bz@hotmail.com
Wed Jan 10 22:43:54 EST 2007

RKO is  throwing you-know-what against the wall to see what sticks.

>From: "Bill O'Neill" <me@billoneill.us>
>To: Bob Nelson <raccoonradio@mail.com>
>CC: BostonRadio Mailing List 
>Subject: Re: Herald, Ch. 25 report WRKO Finneran deal
>Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 22:31:15 -0500
>Bob Nelson wrote:
>>Boston Herald and Ch. 25 are both reporting that WRKO and Tom Finneran 
>>have indeed struck a deal.
>>It would be for the "high profile" morning slot, and he may start within 
>>the next month.
>Hey now,  talk about a voice for radio. Oh my.   So, is Boston still in the 
>Top Ten?  [cough]
>Bill O'Neill

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