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Laurence Glavin lglavin@mail.com
Fri Jan 5 13:56:15 EST 2007

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>Those of us who have been on BRI awhile know Mr. Glavin believes his tastes
are the ones programmers should cater to... ;-)

Hmmm, let's see...there a reports (not by me) that the Barnicle enterprise
has not been a ratings leader, so to paraphrase Eddie McCormick
"if Mike Barnicle's name had been John DePetro(sp?) he'd be gone
by now".  If he had been ratings challenged especially when Stephanie
Miller was available in convenient form (i.e. terrestrial radio),
I might not be alone in such an opinion.  And let's look at]
(definitely NOT listen to) WCRB in its last year under the
ownership of Charles River Breeding Laboratories,
I mean Broadcasting (I always get them confused)...a 12-plus
ratings decline of a full-percentage point (to exactly the same 
number in the latest Artbitrends(tm) as the vastly superior KING-FM
Seattle in a similar-sized market) and a decline in REVENUE of about 
one-million dollars accoring to bostonradiowatch.com.  Wow...
if they weren't in the process of being sold, they definitely 
could have used the services of a consultant who thought like ME.

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