WRKO: Savage, then Doyle at night?

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Wed Jan 3 01:57:37 EST 2007

For a few days it seems that WRKO was moving Michael Savage to 7 pm due to 10 pm Celtics games.
But tonight Savage aired at 7 and no Celts game was scheduled! Apparently a new time slot?
After him came Jerry Doyle, another Talk Radio Network show (ironically enough, the competition
at 10 pm includes TRN's Ingraham on 'TKK). 'RKO has run him on Saturday nights but now I guess they're
adding his daily show.

At least I think they are--no change to website yet. Was this just for tonight? Probably not...
as for Feinburg, maybe it's he who got the 9-noon slot that had been DePetro's.

I would have thought they'd go for Glenn Beck from Premiere, but Beck's show originally airs at 9 am
ET, while Doyle I believe is at 3 pm--so while either show would have been delayed, Doyle's is merely
delayed by 7 hours, not 13. (I remember when 'RKO dumped Hannity for Savage; one reason they gave is they
wanted a show that would be "live" and more timely (at that time Savage's feed was 7-10 pm, IIRC;
now it's 6-9 pm)

I think the TRN networks are barter--pick up the show as long as you run the ads. If this lineup stays,
Red Sox games will most likely lead into Doyle rather than the acerbic Savage...

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