So many pots, switches, buttons, knobs..what 'dis do?

Roger Kirk
Tue Jan 2 22:12:49 EST 2007

Matthew Osborne wrote:
>     So this is not at all an uncommon situation, and a
> final note from me on this story - this particular
> situation occurred in a much larger market than most
> people might think.

While working for WRKO, I noticed "South Street", by the
Orlons, skipped. And it was on cart.  I brought it to the
attention of the Music Director who had it re-carted.
So, apparently nobody heard the skip before me. Not the
person who carted it, not the Jock and not the tech on
duty for the air console.  To be fair, when a Jock
finished introing the song, both he and the tech turned
their air monitors down to converse via intercom about the
next break.  By the time the next break was all laid out,
the skip had come and gone.  However, since it was carted,
no listener ever called to complain, no other tech had heard
it, no newsman had heard it, no PD had heard it, no MD had
heard it, no "hitline" person had heard it, no other
personnel in the station had heard it.

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