Gary LaPierre Wraps Up 42 Years At WBZ

Don A.
Mon Jan 1 14:51:04 EST 2007

> I have a question about Jay McQuaide-- I gather they didn't renew his
> contract at WBZ.  I know he got another job, but my understanding is
> that he is out of radio?

Here's more rumblings...

Jay was at WBZ doing middays....and waiting for the day when Gary
retired...hoping to grab the morning anchor slot...and at least some of the
"Gary Money" as well.

Since he was filling in for Gary as needed, he thought he would be WBZ's
logical choice to replace Gary.

He and WBZ started contract negotiations, and they offerred him a deal.
>From what I understand, he wanted a much larger increase that the standard
COL....again, thinking they valued him as Gary's replacement.

Jay became disenfranchised with WBZ's management, the newsroom cuts, their
(non) negotiating with him, etc.

Jay's friend and former WBZ colleague Peter Meade was working over at Blue
Cross-Blue Chield and knew Jay was a bright guy....and offerred him a "good
job at a good wage" (to quote Gov Dukakis).  Which included normal hours, an
office, support staff, generous vacation, etc.

I believe having young kids and his read of WBZ/CBS at the time, he made a
decision of what holds the brighter future...and would be best for his

So, from what I heard, he WAS offerred another contract...but not for the
amount he was seeking.

If he was still there, would he have taken over the morning slot?  He was,
after all, Lappiere's replacement.  Would WBZ still have searched and found
Ed Walsh outside the market if McQuade was still there?


Again, this is all hearsay.

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