Future of WILD

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Yup. WILD uses one of WXKS (AM)'s towers. I'm pretty sure it's whichever one
WXKS does not use by day. So, except during the post-sunset period when WILD
runs at low power before signing off, it's not a true diplex.

Given the surprising ratings success that 1150 had when it ran Black Gospel
(satellite-fed, IIRC, with zero local content) before it was sold to Salem,
I think that that format would be likely to do well on
1090--ratings-wise--even if selling it proved challenging because the
audience would be mainly over 49 and mainly from relatively low-income
demographics. There must be several satellite-delivered Black Gospel
formats, so the station could be really cheap to run. You'd think that Radio
One would want to LMA the station to someone who would run such a format and
let whoever it was pocket whatever revenue was left from ad sales after
covering the music license fees and the rent on the tower. I can't believe
that CCU doesn't have a broom closet at 99 Revere Beach Parkway that WILD
could use as a "studio." As long as the person or group that ran the LMA
could cover the music fees and rent on the tower, Radio One would lose
nothing. And if the person who ran the LMA was good at selling time, he or
she might make a decent living.

In its last years of running adult standards, WXKS (AM) allegedly grossed
about $750,000 annually. One would think WILD could do 1/3 as much, which
ought to provide positive cash flow for an owner who wasn't greedy.
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> At 05:42 PM 2/27/2007, Dan Strassberg wrote:
> >I'll believe it when I DON'T hear it any more. Supposedly, Radio One
> >offers for WILD that were considered too low. Could it possibly be true
> >taking the station dark and taking a writeoff could make sense but a low
> >price would make no sense and a higher price WOULD make sense?
> And they're just diplexed off another station's stick aren't
> they?  It's not like there's tower site real estate that's likely
> worth more than the license.
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