Clea Simon Article About "Chronicle" Radio Show

Scott Fybush
Thu Feb 22 23:01:11 EST 2007

Garrett Wollman wrote:
> <<On Thu, 22 Feb 2007 22:42:27 -0500, "Rick Kelly" <> said:
>> Really?  Wouldn't it be like an aircheck... it has gone out over the
>> airwaves...
> It would be like an aircheck and therefore illegal without the consent
> of all the copyright holders.  The station has paid for the right to
> broadcast the material, but not for you to make copies of it.

And, like an aircheck, the station probably would turn a blind eye to
individuals quietly circulating copies to other individuals without any
financial gain involved...not that I'm telling you to do that, mind you.

(Methinks there was at least a hint of tongue in Roger's cheek earlier,
in other words.)

I'm hopeful that WCVB will find some way to put at least segments of the
show online. I know its creator would like it to be seen by as many
people as possible. So would at least one of the interviewees :-)


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