Clea Simon Article About "Chronicle" Radio Show

Roger Kirk
Thu Feb 22 21:25:18 EST 2007

Set the retention date on that recording to "Until I Delete"

Legally?  IFF you get written permission[s] from the producers of 
Chronicle, all of the writers, each of the performers/hosts of the show, 
each of the people interviewed, all the publishers of all the musical 
compositions performed incidentally in the show, all the actors in all 
the commercials on the show, reproduction rights from Harry Fox, etc. 
Whew!  Then, maybe you can do it.

Of course, if you were to make an archival copy (of the show) on DVD for 
your own personal use and graciously allowed certain close and personal 
friends to borrow and view said archival DVD copy in the privacy of 
their own homes, then perhaps you might avoid some of the above efforts. 
  However, each and every one of the above-mentioned close and personal 
friends would have to sign affidavits and swear on stack of bibles 
(Grandmother's included) that they would NOT (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) 
even think of making a copy of said archival DVD.

The above is not to be construed or taken as legal advice, but simply 
the quite possibly mis-informed opinions of a well-intentioned poster on 
the BRI.  I will gladly defer to those more well-informed on such issues.


Paul Anderson wrote:
> I have the TiVo set to record Chronicle but will be out of town next 
> week.  Is there a legal way to distribute the show to list members?  
> Assuming it doesn't get recorded over during the week, I could burn DVDs.
> Paul

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