iBiquity HD Incentives

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> Seems that $25,000 would be a HUGE obstacle for many stations.

>I'd love to see the business case for that....


I saw the item from iBiquity at radiodailynews.com's website;
it seemed to be timed to coincide with the proposed Sirius/XM merger.
Terrestrial broadcaster who are not partners with any satellite 
radio firm could invest in and promote HD while "civilians" 
believe the satellite radio business model is in trouble (they
may be correct in that belief, although a person interviewed in
a Boston Globe story Wednesday was more positive in his view of
satellite radio finances)...the message from such broadcasters could be:
"Satellite radio is in trouble, it may not be around, you have to pay for
a receiver AND the service, while with HD you just pay for the receiver,
the programming is free and worth every penny (ok leave that out).
So from a business point of view: use HD radio to help squash satellite
radio, then if that happens, get permission to run ads on HD channels.

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