WTTT: Conservative is their middle name...

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Wed Feb 14 14:31:00 EST 2007

Perhaps as part of a trend (I think Salem's conservatalker in Cleveland is doing the same thing), WTTT
1150's website now uses the slogan "Boston's Conservative Talk" (similar to what WXKS/WKOX had
except for the middle word). Thus they are definitely tying the hosts' idealogy into their slogan...
(The site has a few pictures, including Mike Gallagher talking to soon-to-be-former AAR host Al
Franken, and one of Jimi Carter, a WTTT staffer whom I believe used to work for Gene Burns and/or
Jay Severin.)

Some of the conservatalk shows are being aired also on WROL 950, their sister station (especially
at night) and you wonder if Salem's committment to political talk is getting stronger. Might they do
better with the conservatalk on the 950 signal , or even WEZE 590? (Though their committment to
Christian teaching/preaching is probably their biggest concern). If they marketed themselves better
and got a local host on (didn't Don Feder briefly do a show for them?), and wound up on a signal
like 590 or 950 instead of 1150, they could make inroads against the likes of WRKO and WTKK...

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