Infomercials on WCRB!?

Laurence Glavin
Wed Feb 7 14:52:01 EST 2007

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>Another paid program that WCRB carried for decades (I'm pretty sure it dated
>back to WCRB (AM) days) was the Friends of Armenian Culture Society program.
>I don't recall the day or time at which it aired, but I think it was ah nour
>long--an hour of some of the most boring radio (paid or unpaid) ever
>produced anywhere. And I don't think the program was heard at times such as
>6:00AM Sundays. (The phrase "was heard" suggests that at least one person
>actually listened--that would include members of FACS. I'm skeptical that
>anyone listened for more than a couple of minutes before falling asleep.
>Since Armenians, as a group, have a reputation for being enterprising and
>resourceful people, I am amazed that none of them thought of marketing the
>program as a cure for insomnia. Worked great for me!)

>Dan Strassberg
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WCRB in those days had two other "paid programs": one, on Friday nights as I 
recall was all about the advertising industry hosted by someone from the
Boston Advertising Club or something like that;
another also ran sometime during the weekend and  it was sponsored by
a true Socialist group that was far to the left of anyone at Air America
radio.  The irony here was that they bought advertising time to rail against
ADVERTISING!  (Not that there's anything wrong with that)

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