Infomercials on WCRB!?

Laurence Glavin
Tue Feb 6 15:17:46 EST 2007

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>From: "Don A" 
>To: "Stephanie Weil" , "Ric Werme" 

>Anyone have an idea what major market stations can get for a 
>half-hour or an hour....after midnight or pre-6am?

Before you get the impression that such fare is broadcast only after-midnight,
or pre-6:00 am, remember that Sunday night @ 9:30 "infomercials" have been
a regular feature on WBZ-AM for years.
For a while, WRKO-AM ran them on Saturday afternoons before picking
up first Todd Feinburg, then switching to live/local (one of the 
presumably "good" steps 'RKO has taken.)

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