Guy starts a LP station in Concord.

Bill O'Neill
Tue Feb 6 11:57:40 EST 2007

A. Joseph Ross wrote:
> TSL?

Not the talker in the Upper Valley.  Time spent listening.  I think I 
used that in the context (somewhat sarcastically) that some stations 
like to see good numbers in the measure of listeners who hang in there 
for a long time at one encounter with the station.   Otherwise, one may 
be looking at the "quarter hours" and how many listen in quick, 
discreet, blocks of time.   Hence, the jingle reference, to old top-40 
stations who would be sure to "sweep the quarters" by not stopping to 
talk or break at :14 after when you could do it at :18 or :19.  In the 
ratings book, if a listener listens across that quarter into the next, 
they (could) count as two people , and so on.  At the old WSSH, they 
were extremely successful with numbers with the "40 minute music sweep" 
which started at :55 and ended at :35, sweeping all of the big quarters 
(:45 being the least popular statistically).  Then, there would be three 
stop sets of three spots each all wrapped up by :55.  WINS' "Give us 22 
minutes we'll give you the world" is a well tested scheme to drag the 
listener across the "quarter" into the next, thereby creating synergy 
with the numbers.  OTOH, a long-form format like classical is less 
likely to be interested in such methods and work "to keep you listening 

Bill O'Neill

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