did any of you cover the Brinks robbery

Donna Halper dlh@donnahalper.com
Tue Feb 6 03:45:34 EST 2007

I have asked this on a couple of other lists, so forgive the 
repetition.  I am helping a friend of mine who is writing a new 
book.   Some of you may know her-- her name is Stephanie Schorrow and 
she formerly wrote for the Herald as well as writing several books 
about Boston fires and firefighting.  Now she is writing a book about 
the 1950 Brinks robbery and the 1956 trial.  She wants to explore how 
the media of that day covered the story, so I have been tracking down 
people who were around at that time.  Do any of you know any radio, 
TV or print reporters or news photographers who might still be 
alive?  Let me know if anybody comes to mind-- our old friend Bill 
Buchanan, now retired and living in Florida but formerly with the 
Globe (and the Record before that) covered the trial -- he and I are 
sure there must be other folks who were in media at that time, or who 
may have some recollections that would be useful.  

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