WBZ-TV 4 rebranding

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Mon Feb 5 09:51:17 EST 2007

>>There is a definite advantage to the "CBS4" moniker.  It helps some
of us who still keep forgetting which channel is CBS and which is

The CBS eye is still there, though. The logo on their webpage
has the W-B-Z blocks followed by the eye, and then "is always on
wbztv.com". During the weather part of the news last night,
I also noticed the Eye prominently displayed. **

So the CBS identity is still there at least visually.

**--a memory: I forget who was being roasted, but one
Dean Martin celebrity roast (NBC) was poking gentle fun
at one CBS figure. After William S. Paley (IIRC) did
his speech he turned around and a big huge CBS Eye
was on the back of his suit, giving a plug to his
network on "enemy territory" :)

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