Guy starts a LP station in Concord.

A. Joseph Ross
Mon Feb 5 00:24:03 EST 2007

On 4 Feb 2007 at 11:58, Dan Strassberg wrote:

> Somebody who knows more about this than I do (which, I think means MOST of
> the people on this list) needs to authoritatively confirm or deny this, BUT,
> I believe that if you can receive other classical music streams without
> dropouts on your home dialup connection, your dropout problem at home is
> probably NOT your dialup connection. Instead, the weak link is more likely
> the connection between WCNH's servers and your ISP's POP that serves your
> home neighborhood. Hence, if you keep your present ISP when you get
> high-speed Internet service at home, the dropout problem is likely to
> persist. (I recommend keeping your present ISP when you switch to broadband
> because--although there are allegedly ways around the problem, for a an
> additional monthly fee--keeping your existing ISP should allow you to retain
> your present e-mail addresses. Changing your e-mail addresses can turn out
> to be EXTREMELY painful and the way around THOSE problems--as described to
> me by an IT guy--sounds, in my opinion, at best highly questionable because,
> as a practical matter, does anyone even attempt to keep track of everyone
> who needs to know their e-mail address?)

I'm guessing that WCNH's stream is too fast for a dialup connection.  
Whenever I get around to switching to broadband at home, I am 
thinking of keeping my present ISP, but not because of the e-mail 
address.  I have my own domain, which resides on a different server 
than either the dialup provider I have at home or the DSL provider I 
have at the office, so my address stays the same whatever I do.  
I want to keep the present company so that I can still use dialup if 
I'm on the road, since I still use an old laptop with a dialup modem 
on the road.

And, my same ISP has gotten the contract to provide wireless in 
Brookline, so whenever I upgrade my laptop, I'll be able to use their 
service seamlessly.

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