Hey, Harry, we're talking about you.

A. Joseph Ross joe@attorneyross.com
Sun Feb 4 00:00:01 EST 2007

On 2 Feb 2007 at 13:02, Paul Hopfgarten wrote:

> Re WCRB (and Harry's plan for Rhumba 99.5) how does the "99 year" plan play
> into this (Although the frequency swap sort of breaks the agreement anyways,
> no?)
Probably.  I've speculated here that they probably bought out anyone 
who had the power to enforce the terms of the Ted Jones Trust, and 
the sale to Nassau probably mollified anyone who had any qualms about 
taking the money.  But since the Trust is no longer involved in the 
ownership of what is now WCRB, it has no effect unless the sale terms 
provided for it, which I doubt.

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