Banned in Boston (was Turner Broadcasting:"Stunt Gone Wrong")

Bill O'Neill
Fri Feb 2 12:28:44 EST 2007

Terry Wood wrote:
> Great comments.  I think that the new commish over reacted to this, 
> when one look could have told him that it weren't a bomb.  Just a bomb 
> of a promotion.

Ed Davis just moved into the big chair after a decent run as the Lowell 
Police Chief. I think he did what he had to do given the Light Bright 
Lunatics.  Did you see those guys on the news talking about their hair? 
Small market.

If any good can come of it, there was a solid mobilization effort. It's 
just good that no one got hurt in the process.   I noticed that Fox News 
tapped Fox 25 while MSNBC captured WHDH. I was impressed with the whdh 
live stream. It was good to be connected, especially when no one knew 
the outcome. 

As for radio, it's another example of how stations like WRKO are rolling 
the dice that the absence of a proprietary news team will not play into 
the potential irrelevance of the medium as technologies move ahead.

Bill O'Neill

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