Turner Broadcasting:"Stunt Gone Wrong"

Sean Smyth sean.smyth@yahoo.com
Thu Feb 1 00:27:41 EST 2007

"Robert F. Sutherland" <madprof@ix.netcom.com> wrote:
> and what if  [I am NOT proposing that anyone do it]
> someone mounted an animated Pacman (flashing LEDs)  display
> on Boston PD HQ?

The problem with these promos is that not everyone is aware of the
show. It's got a pretty sizable cult following -- notice the word,
though, cult. It's not a mainstream smash. I've heard of it, and I know
people who watch it, but I've never seen the show, so I wouldn't know a
ATHF character from a hole in the wall. Oh, yeah, Pacman's pretty much
a universal phenomenon.

This surely went through several layers of folks before the bomb squad
was called in. If the show is as popular as everyone claims, why did no
one recognize that these were depictions of characters from the show?
> granted,  WTBS's campaign was placed on critical bridges, etc,
> but why haven't other cities found it necessary to react so violently
> ?
> Are Boston area  people so different  in attitudes from say, Austin
> TX?

Well, the devices were not noticed in other cities until they were
found here. Philadelphia police tonight said there are a bunch of them.
Of course, we now know it's a hoax.

> or are we aroun Boston subconsciously feeling guilty for 9-11 & the
> like trying to re-earn the favor of the country by watching extra
> cautiously?

Absolutely not. If these devices had been written off as a prank, and
one of them blew up, we'd be ripping the Boston police department to
shreds. ObMedia: We'd be ripping major media outlets for not altering
us to them or not covering the story.

> end political rant from a non-political person.

Conveniently, this stunt takes place less than two months before the
ATHF film comes out. 

Sorry for the going-off-topic nature of the reply.

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