BBC - Christmas song edit - PC madness?

Brian Vita
Wed Dec 19 08:39:22 EST 2007

Roger Kirk wrote:
>> Apparently, BBC's Radio 1 program has cut out the word "faggot" from 
>> the song "Fairytale of New York," by the Irish band The Pogues and 
>> singer Kirsty MacColl. 
> PC Madness?
> Per Jerry Doyle, on last night's how, in a recent TV airing of the 
> movie "Midway", the word "G**k" was overdubbed with the word "Goober"
> Ten years ago, on a New York TV station,  late at night, a Peter 
> Sellers' Pink Panther movie had a sound effect (farting) removed from 
> one scene.  (Imagine how humorless the campfire scene from Blazing 
> Saddles would be.)
The simple solutions for airing the song is to change the name of the 
singing group from sounding like a bunch of white guys to something that 
sounds like a group of inner city rappers.  They seem to be able to say 
pretty much whatever they want over the air, especially if it condones 
violence or rape.


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