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Mon Dec 10 19:45:50 EST 2007

At 750 watts at night, it still may not be able to cover the "backside" of
the big island...it is...just one huge rock...interesting thought though...

Maybe in the summer they could put on the reverb and play beach music for
the causeway al la WABC in the 60/70's?


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Nahant Massachusetts, my home town, is of course a bustling metropolis of
shopping centers,
major highways, and skyscrapers. Naah, just pulling your leg. It is, of
course, by area
the smallest town in the Commonwealth (one square mile) and boasts about
3,600 people.
According to http://www.fybush.com/nerw.html (Scott Fybush's NorthEast Radio
WESX is looking into the possibility that this spot of land in the Bay State
could be the new COL for WESX.

Surely the high Spanish-speaking population of Nahant will be glad to be the
city of
license for WESX, eh? (Kidding.) Well, it'll help Principle Broadcasting get
closer to Boston.
They'd be using the WLYN tower. I guess the FCC said that making it "WESX,
wouldn't work because they couldn't cover all of that community (at night)
making it "WESX, Nahant" would, I guess.

So could that little peninsula of land be, at least on paper, the home to
the mighty WESX? (A town with no middle or high school, no traffic
lights...) :)

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