Alternate Paper's Story on WCAP

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Good article. I knew Poulten only from Your Mother Should Know and
only from when it was on WHET and WDLW in the mid-to-late '70s. It was
obvious to anyone who listened that Sam was a character, but my
reading of this article was my first clue as to just how much of a
character. At least, from his own disclaimers about his good fortune
in not having to serve in actual combat, you get that "war hero" is a
somewhat overblown characterization, so he isn't exactly Prof Harold
Hill. I've urged Clark to try to get Sam to revive Your Mother Should
Know on a Saturday night on WCAP. Maybe Sam doesn't have the time to
do the show on a regular basis, but with proper promotion, I think it
could attract a following even if it aired only infrequently.

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There's a so-called alternative paper published in the Merrimack
Valley called the
Valley Patriot.  This month's issue contains a lengthy article about
WCAP's plans
vis-a-vis (a little French lingo) cities and towns outside of the
Lowell metro.
The URL is:

(WCAP receivable in Portsmouth?  Oops...I think not, thanks to WZAN-AM
in Portland, Maine!)

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