Herald: sticking points in the Carr issue

A. Joseph Ross Joe@attorneyross.com
Thu Aug 30 16:47:48 EDT 2007

On 30 Aug 2007 Bob Nelson wrote:

> Howie's demands could include: a morning show, on an FM signal that
> doesn't fade at sunset, a signal where he isn't pre-empted by the Red
> Sox, and a signal that doesn't have Finneran. WRKO can't match that
> (only the first one could possibly be matched and that would be if
> Entercom put talk on one of its FM signals)

This, in turn, depends on how his contract defines "match an offer."  
If it does.  Usually we think of matching an offer as matching the 
money part of the offer.  If "match" includes the non-money aspects, 
it could be all over for Entercom.  But if not, or if the contract is 
ambiguous, there could be years of litigation ahead.

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