Sherm Feller

Russ Butler
Thu Aug 30 14:45:44 EDT 2007

Sherm Feller did a lot better at WCOP 1150AM in their Copley Square 
studios - where, incidentally, Marty (now Martin) Bookspan preceded 
Sherm's nightly show with a classical music program - imagine that, 
classical music on the AM dial,  just like that 1330AM WCRB's Charles 
River Broadcasting - (anything "Charles River" sounded elite in Boston 
back then).

Sherm also came across just great at WVDA 1260AM in the Bradford Hotel 
studios (maybe the same radio studios for the early WBZ?) He had a 
telephone hooked up with delay and everything!

Then ...."boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen... now... 
batting...number...forty-two....."  his Fenway Park PA job sitting the 
the stands with his cowboy hat, sunglasses and a hand-held mic watching 
the Red Sox with his feet up on the seat in front of him.

There will never be another like Sherm - or Norm Nathan, weekends on 'BZ 
overnight from the "Teen Canteen."  But then, you all were asking about 
"early" talk-show people, nes pa?

Ah, Le Temps Des Fleurs, mes amis!

=Russ Butler

PS// I remember hearing Ken Mayer on WVOM 1600AM "The Voice Of 
Massachusetts" - well,not exactly all of the State - (pre-WBOS,WUNR) 
in1949 when they began their first broadcasts.  He did a late night 
remote from The Hotel Commander in Cambridge.

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