It's not WEEI vs. WCRB - it's WEEI *and* WCRB

Fri Aug 17 11:49:34 EDT 2007

$10 million for 50% of WCRB??? Considering that Entercom only recently
paid $30 million for 100% of what is now WKAF, does that make ANY
sense??? Sure WKAF is in Milton and WCRB is in Andover but 'CRB is a
full B and 'KAF is an A--and, to my ears, not a very potent one. (WFNX
appears to be a better Class A signal for covering the Boston market,
although I have not investigated reception of 'FNX on the South Shore,
where protections to Providence and--I believe--Cape Cod reduce the
signal strength.) Also, what of the rumors that, when all the
machinations between Charles River, Greater Media, and Nassau were
done, 99.5 changed hands for ~$60 mllion, which seemed to make sense
given that the price for 102.5 was reportedly (appropriately enough)
~$102.5 million?

Was $60 million a fiction, or could Nassau's sale of half of 'CRB for
$10 million be termed a distress sale? And if $60 million for 99.5 IS
a fiction, how does one explain $30 mllion for 97.7? I know that the
current financial crisis has negatively affected station sale prices,
but could it have knocked out 2/3 of WCRB's value in less than a year?
Inquiring minds really, REALLY, _REALLY_ want to know!

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> More details have emerged via a Herald article: Entercom paid $10
> million for its half of WCRB;
> Callahan's friend John McGuire was the one who tried to set up a
> regional sports network
> with WCRB as flagship...
> It's said the sports programming on the Nassau stations will start
> next month. There won't
> be Red Sox or Celtics games (which are apparently on other stations
> in the markets, I'd
> guess) and "Patriots Monday" also won't be on the new simulcast
> stations.

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