Imus canned by MSNBC

Bill O'Neill
Thu Apr 12 21:02:49 EDT 2007

Garrett Wollman wrote:
> Bill,
> If you were intending to respond to Dan's statement, could you please
> rephrase your response in a way that actually responds to it?  I'm
> having trouble making a connection between what Dan said (and you
> quoted) and what you said.

>>Dan Strassberg wrote:

...some things that a member of a minority group can say
with impunity about other members of that group create a firestorm when
someone who is not a member of that group says them...<<

Take two. 

While I agree that this has been the case for generations, I believe that the time has come for all ethnic constituencies to take a concerted leap forward and to lead by example.  No further passes or excuses based upon ethnic membership.

Bill O'Neill

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