Imus canned by MSNBC

Donna Halper
Thu Apr 12 16:09:03 EDT 2007

At 03:03 PM 4/12/2007, Roger Kirk wrote:
>Bob Nelson wrote:
>>If "nappy headed" is a swear, we'd have to ban the song "I Wish" by
>>Stevie Wonder from airplay...

Umm, Stevie never said he was a nappy headed ho'... he said he 
recalled his childhood as a nappy headed BOY.  The issue was not 
about the hair-- a wonderful children's book by Carolivia Herron 
discusses a little black child who is made fun of because her hair is 
so different from everyone else's in the class. The issue is about 
calling young women athletes whores, even in a joke.   

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