WFCC founder laments current state of station

Robert S Chase
Thu Apr 5 12:14:10 EDT 2007

What do you expect when you have the best FCC (and other federal regulatory 
bodies) that money can buy.

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> (tip of the hat to BostonRadioBlog for finding this)
> A founder of WFCC in Chatham complains about what the once-locally 
> oriented, highly recognized
> station has become and he wonders if it will even stay classical:


"Now, there is about to be a further change, as Baltimore-based Sandab 
Communications is negotiating with CRB for WFCC (along with CRB's other Cape 
radio station, WKPE, Orleans). This move will give Sandab -- which 
previously bought WQRC-FM and WOCN-FM -- the second, third and fourth-ranked 
stations in the market. (The #1 station, WXTK, is owned by another 
conglomerate, Quantum). Do you suppose all of this maneuvering creates a 
"market monopoly?"

Well let me tell you, this latest move also could very probably result in 
the demise of Classical Music Radio on Cape Cod!

Local community-oriented radio stations are being devoured, dissected, and 
discarded by the "Mega-Media Moguls." Operating in the "interest, 
convenience and necessity" of the public they are licensed to serve, has 
become a joke -- the butt of which, deplorably, is the listening audience!" 

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