WAS Re: Herald: ESPN -- IS Transmitter site in Nashua 1000 watts to 910 watts

John Bolduc n1qgs@yahoo.com
Wed Apr 4 19:49:38 EDT 2007

--- Dan Strassberg <dan.strassberg@att.net> wrote:

> The CP shows minor tweaks to the day pattern to slightly reduce
> interference
> to 900 in Nashua. With or without the tweaks, there is fairly major
> daytime
> overlap between the Dedham and Nashua signals. Some years ago, what was
> then
> WOTW moved a few miles north and also slightly reduced its day power

The old studio and tower at WOTW 900 AM was replaced by condos and/or
condexes after WOTW went off the air in the 1980's.  After several years
WMVU came on the air at 900 AM Nashua, the old site being unavailable,
WMVU needed to find a new site. I was told the reduction to 910 watts was
to satisfy the Canadians not Dedham signal. 

John B
Derry NH

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