Boston Tea Party memories

Donna Halper
Tue Apr 3 17:44:16 EDT 2007

A blogger friend of mine is doing a piece on local landmarks from 
progressive rock's pioneering days-- seems every city had at least 
one club that featured the up and coming bands (who would go on to be 
big stars) as well as the announcers from the local "underground" 
radio station.  I certainly recall the Boston Tea Party as being such 
a place-- lots of college radio jocks and the WBCN crowd hung out 
there-- and when I mentioned it to my friend, he thought this would 
be a good club to write about, as we both figured there are plenty of 
Boomers who still remember it.  So I'm writing up a short piece about 
the Tea Party and would welcome any recollections from any of you to 
go along with the historical stuff and the newspaper articles I 
have.   I'll let you know when and where it can be read, as soon as I finish it.

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