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On 3 Apr 2007 at 1:01, Scott Fybush wrote:

> There is, further, a common urban myth of this kind at just about
> every college radio station that began as a carrier-current operation
> and had train tracks in plausible proximity. I even heard it about
> WLDB, the predecessor to WBRS, and anyone familiar with the Brandeis
> campus knows that it's quite the haul from the area where the studios
> would have been to the commuter-rail tracks south of campus.
> Did the myth originate from a real event at Tufts? I suppose that's
> possible.
> (And is it tied to the urban legend that a certain low-power AM outlet
> in the Boston area achieves its unusually good signal by hooking its
> ground system to the city water pipes?)

I wonder whether snopes.com would be interested in investigating 
these urban legends.

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