AA back in Boston....

Donald A. donald_astelle@yahoo.com
Mon Apr 2 20:53:36 EDT 2007

Air America is under new owners, and has a new PD who
is experienced in talk radio and running a network.

It would be interesting to see if they can transform
it  into a viable operation.  

On another forum, someone was speculating about how
Air America could return to Boston....and that
"something" was better than "nothing".

Here are the scenarios proposed.

WILD - 1090AM  WILD has a great daytime signal....but
no night-time signal...

WBIX - 1060AM  I can't imagine they are making *any*
money right now...maybe enough to pay the electric
bill.  1060AM has a super daytime signal....and,
well...they have bad night time signal.  (But, again,
something is better than nothing.)

WJIB - 740AM  Another great daytime signal for 250
watts!  And a very small night time signal.  I know
Bob Bittner loves the music format....but is having a
hard time with music royalty/licensing issues.  This
would solve that.  From what I understand, Bob's
politics leans a little (a lot?) to the Left.  I would
think this would be a perfect fit.  Plus it would
remove some of the man-hours needed to run WJIB as a
music station, allow him to focus on some other
things...and maybe even provide an opportunity to make
a small profit.  (After all, if anyone desrves to make
a profit it's Bob!)

If a daytime signal is all thats available, 1090-WILD
would be best...and the politics would fit in with
it's history.

WJIB is situated in what some call "The People's
Republic of Cambridge"...I would think the format
would be welcome there.  

I know Donna had trouble with the night signal of WXKS
and WKOX.  

Donna, can you get either 740AM or 1060AM at home
after dark?

Don't pick lemons.
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