Arbitron to list non-comm stations

Laurence Glavin
Tue Sep 26 15:30:39 EDT 2006

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>Subject: Arbitron to list non-comm stations
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>All Access and Inside Radio both have stories about Arbitron's 
>intentions to list NPR affiliates and other non-commercial stations 
>in their ratings information released to the media, starting with 
>this fall's book. The data has been available to subscribers for a 
>long time, but now the rest of us can see how these stations do 
>overall. It's been said that WBUR has 12+ ratings similar to WMJX 
>here in Boston. While it won't change how airtime is bought or 
>sold, it will be interesting to track how WBUR does against it's 
>talk-based competition such as WBZ, WTKK, WRKO and WKOX/WXKS book 
>to book
>Dave Tomm
>"Mike Thomas"

A post to the NYC Radio message board suggested that inclusion of
NPR stations to the regular ratings could push some commercial outlets 
out of the Top 10 in their respective markets, a somewhat meaningless
marker really, but some people are spooked by numbers (ask the
residents of Gallup, NM who got Route 666's number changed by the
Department of Trensportation).  

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