Jay Severin Returning To Boston?

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>Maybe it's because Severin was MIA far too often! I don't think you should
>take 'time off' during the 'building phase' of a show, and 1 year is
>certainly still the building phase.

>> In addition, the talk show personality has announced that he will be
relocating to the Boston area.

>The obscure hamlet of Sag Harbor, Massachusetts...

The Globe mentioned a "North Shore community"...
remember, he needs reasonably convenient access to Boston and
the North Shore doesn't have the equivalent of Route 93.
Cape Ann may be near the water but it's not easy to get to the hub from there, Manchestah-By-The-Sea
is not much better.  I've got it:  ROWLEY!    I know of one Boston media figure
who commutes from there regularly.
Oh...one other thing;  the Globe also stated that Barnicle's future may be
in doubt...mailed it in too many times?

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