Delays on live coverage

John Francini
Sun Sep 24 20:34:22 EDT 2006

Speaking of delays in live coverage, right now I'm watching the 
Patriots with Gil Santos & Gino's audio on WBCN.  Why the heck is the 
audio about 8 seconds behind the video?  Did they fail to turn off 
the phone-in delay when they went to the live game?

Makes it extremely frustrating to watch the game with the proper 
announcers (i.e., NOT NBC network announcers!)

john francini

At 19:10 -0400 9/24/06, A. Joseph Ross wrote:
>Tuesday evening, at Deb Goldberg's campaign headquarters, I noticed
>that, between the TV tuned to NECN and the one tuned to Channel 38,
>there was a delay of several seconds on NECN.  Has this sort of thing
>become standard since the Janet Jackson incident?  Does Channel 38
>not have a delay or was it simply less of a delay?
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John Francini,

"The journey is more important than the destination-that's part of 
life. If you only live for getting to the end, you're almost always 
disappointed."     -Donald Knuth

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