latest ratings, 12 +

Bob Nelson
Thu Sep 21 15:29:40 EDT 2006

On 9/21/06, Brian Vita <> wrote:

> ...and both of them said that they found WJIB far more relaxing to listen to
> that Air America...
> Sorry, couldn't resist...

Ha! By the way, speaking of the ratings, WWZN and the ESPN combo (890/1400) are
no shows yet again. Yes, as today's Herald pointed out, ESPN Boston can boast of
carrying Sunday afternoon football games (while Westwood One's Monday
night coverage
airs on WEEI) and ESPN Boston does have locally based talk in the
afternoons, but
it looks like--at least in the 12+---WEEI dominates sports talk in town.

WWZN on selling block...

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