Herald: Where have you gone Air America

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> They're not too bad in the daytime.  I hear them on my car radio
> just about everywhere, though when I drive to Lexington, there's
> a small area near the Waltham Street exit on Route 2, where
> neither signal is very strong.

That's most likely because you're going by the WTTT 1150 and WAZN
1470 transmitter site at the Lexington/Belmont/Waltham line. The
proximity to the 1150 signal is desensitizing your radio to 1200,
and the 1470 signal is doing it to 1430 when you're that close to
those towers.

Look about a half-mile east of Waltham St. off the eastbound side
of Route 2 and you'll see the four towers. The tall one was for
the old 100.7 FM which is no longer in use (it's now WZLX which
transmits from the Pru). The three shorter towers are WTTT and


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