Herald: Where have you gone Air America

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> The problem is at night. I have trouble picking them up around 
> Brookline at night in my car, and it's impossible in my home. Is 
> anything happening regarding the construction of a new 
> transmitter for WKOX?

>Last time I was down in Oak Hill, about a month ago, there was no
>evidence of any construction -- so it probably won't be done this
>year. I never heard back from Grady when I asked him what was up.


Here's an edited version of postings on their website, bostonsprogressivetalk.com...
a click-through won't work and it requires registration:

   "Plans are moving on...there's a lot to the procedure.  They're not only
   upgrading WKOX, but 2 other stations also.  So there are 6 
   transmitters that have to be ordered, built, delivered and installed...
   then there are towers to be built, and the equipment installed to tune
   each of the stations to the towers and prevent the stations from
   interfering with each other.  Late summer 2007 is the target for 
   the upgrade."


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