NERW Lead Story 9/4/06

Matthew Osborne
Thu Sep 7 13:53:42 EDT 2006

--- Steve Ordinetz <> wrote, in
response to my comment:

> > What's best, the old "Nerve" website is still
> online.
> >
> >
> >
> > Check out the playlist - I have to admit seeing
> 'Off
> > The Wall' by Michael Jackson in the "Now Playing"
> > section of such a hard core male oriented website,
> as
> > well as the last 10 songs played being country
> leading
> > up to the actual switch is rather funny
> >
> When I click on that link it takes me to the site
> for "100.5 The
> Drive"....looks like a gold-based altrock station by
> the last 10 songs
> played list.

It appears they've now changed that URL to point to
100.5 The Drive's website.  I do have a couple
screenshots I took of it right after the change
though, before they shut it down, with all the rock
and male oriented material on still on it, but having
a playlist of country songs and the first 5 songs of
the new format, with "Off The Wall" by Michael Jackson
and "Bad Girls" by Donna Summer showing in the 'Now
Playing' section.  I guess I find it rather humorous
in a simple and silly way...
    As far as the format goes, I've listened to their
web stream on and off, and it sounds to me like
nothing more than an updated "Jammin Oldies" format,
with some newer stuff thrown in, but a heavy reliance
on disco and uptempo oldies.  I don't hold much hope
for its long term survival if this is the way the
format will always be.

                                Matt Osborne
                                Schenectady, NY

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