Norm Nathan

Russ Butler
Mon Oct 30 16:36:56 EST 2006

Thanks, all, for mentioning the great Norm Nathan again.  I'm wondering 
if there have been more audio tapes (CD's?) released by Norm's daughters 
or estate of his onair work?  There was the retrospective tape after his 
death which I have, a compilation of airchecks from various stations, 
but I understood that there are many more hours available to be 
released.  I think that there was even a web site or a web address to 
inquire (does anyone have that address?)

I have a 60-minute tape that I recorded off-air of Norm's WBZ late-night 
conversation with a "20 Questions"  quiz originator that he occasionally 
used with callers.  I'd like to trade that tape for something else by 
Norm Nathan.

Please contact me off-list:

Thanks for the reply.  =Russ Butler

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