Globe: WNSH running women's network

Bob Nelson
Thu Oct 19 16:19:49 EDT 2006

On 10/19/06, Bob Nelson <> wrote:
> (Jack White? did Keating Willcox sell?)

Maybe Keating still owns them and White may be station manager--an
older page at the
WNSH site said White was station mgr. Globe referred to him as "owner" though.

According to the WNSH site, "Radio For Women by Women" has Radio Ritas
at 6 am, Laura Ingraham (actually from Talk Radio Network) 9-noon as before,
Rolanda Watts (used to do a TV talk show) at noon, "Women Aloud" at 3 pm,
then Michael Reagan and Jerry Doyle/Talk Radio network shows air
after 6 pm.

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