Fybush: GM flip in Phil. area to smooth jazz; 'KLB move

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Tue Oct 17 19:18:06 EDT 2006

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>Given the trouble that I often have getting a good signal on 102.5 in
>my office in Government Center, I'm eagerly looking forward to the
>change. I've already ascertained that 99.5 comes in quite well.

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Of course right now WKLB-FM 99.5 is very L-O-U-D and therefore
doesn't need much signal-to-noise headroom.  Even if WCRB under Nassau 
ownership continues to be as dreadful as under Charles River Breeding 
Laboratories, um I mean Broadcasting (I always get them confused), it
will still program much "quieter" fare, and if you find
yourself inclined to turn-it-up, you may get noise you didn't observe

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