Air America $20 million in debt

Daniel Billings
Sat Oct 14 17:57:59 EDT 2006

Air America has several problems.  First, is trying to sell a network
instead of individual shows.  Rush made it big, as have other conservative
hosts, but they all made it as individual shows.  They were not sold as a
network.  Second, though I think a liberal host can work, I think selling a
whole station as a liberal station is much tougher.  Most of the stations
that carry conservative hosts do not sell the station as a conservative
station.  For example, even though WGAN has Rush, Howie, and O'Reilly, they
have a liberal co-host of the local morning show and carry non-political
shows on the weekend.  In this way, the station as a whole does not turn off
non-conservatives at all times.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

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