Air America $20 million in debt

Bob Nelson
Fri Oct 13 21:29:12 EDT 2006

On 10/13/06, Donna Halper <> wrote:

> My well-informed sources (people inside Air America Radio) say that a
> large chunk of the money Al is owed is money HE lent Air America
> during some times of financial crisis, just to keep it on the
> air.

Thought he was supposed to be paid $2 million a year or so...Wasn't
there some big announcement he had renewed his contract and was
getting big bucks? Hopefully he
got most of his salary and the $360,000 owed is, like you say,
repayment of a loan.

Some liberal talk --the ones you mention--is working or at least breaking even.

If the problem is that the big conglomerates are putting it on weaker
stations, then let's
see them try it on the big ones...though I tend to believe they
(companies)  don't want to take that chance. AAR seemed to have the
attitude of "let's hire a comedian" so maybe they can get Robin
Williams (new movie about a comedian running for President) to do
a show next :)

And liberal talk isn't necessarily a new thing: Jesse Jackson, Jim
Hightower, Mario
Cuomo, Alan Colmes, Marge Clapprood, Mike Webb, and many others come to mind.
May have made more sense to try and develop shows that could be syndicated to
the stations we now consider conservative talk...if they have a
talented host and feel
there's an audience out there, they can try to get these shows on a

And some feel that while conservative talk appeals to the right,
middle, and even left
(people tuning in to get their blood pressure up), liberal talk may
have appealed just to
the left (and the FAR left at that--the ones on some liberal
messageboards that have called Franken too conservative!) and maybe
part of the middle, but conservatives
were too busy listening to Rush, or were turned off by the likes of Franken.

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