HD Radio Boston Area

Garrett Wollman wollman@csail.mit.edu
Fri Oct 13 14:13:31 EDT 2006

<<On Fri, 13 Oct 2006 13:26:41 -0400, Aaron Read <readaaron@friedbagels.com> said:

> A great example is the Pru - try listening to each Pru station's IBOC 
> signal and you'll notice that not all them "come in" as good.  Which 
> shouldn't be the case...they all use the same damn antenna!

Not unless something drastic has changed recently.  The lower master
belongs to Greater Media, and only their stations use it (all except
Magic for analog, and all four for digital).  Kiss and the two CBS
stations are on the upper master, and I don't know how they're
handling IBOC on those signals.  (According to our tour guide from
that visit, which I believe was two and a half years ago now so this
may be out-of-date, Magic's IBOC doesn't use the upper master because
Greater didn't want to have to negotiate with the other two operators.
Since they own the lower master, they could put Magic's IBOC on from
there without the consent of CBS and CCU.)


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