Jazz Oasis no more...

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Agreed, but the college, PBS, and community stations have been our presence
of radio as it should be.

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> >>Is the goal of Emerson now to teach students
> format & playlist?  So many years of listening to the students learn
> tor
> ropes of real broadcasting and play and espouse their fantastic
> knowledge of
> jazz are no more.<<
> I know some on this list won't like it, but teaching students format
> and playlist IS teaching them "the ropes of real broadcasting."  Whether
> we like it or not, that's reality.  Former students who enter the
> broadcasting business are not in a position to change things, and by the
> time they gain experience and move into management positions, they
> realize that broadcasting is a business, and therefore must air what
> sells.  Not saying I agree with it, but again, that's the reality.
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