Jazz Oasis no more...

Paul B. Currier paulcurrier@adelphia.net
Tue Oct 10 17:44:38 EDT 2006

Venturing onto the mainland this morning, I looked forward to listening the
Jazz Oasis on WERS.   It is no
more - how did I miss this one?   I seem to have less and less use for
pre-select station buttons.....Is the goal of Emerson now to teach students
format & playlist?  So many years of listening to the students learn tor
ropes of real broadcasting and play and espouse their fantastic knowledge of
jazz are no more.

All other good stuff is gone also.......all the creative shows seem to have
been put in a blender then homogeninzed.


Their website:
WERS - Music For The Independent Mind
WERS' daytime format features a blend of folk, rock, jazz, world, blues,
soul, electronic and reggae.

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